Benefit of Dry Lining Insulation

Benefit Of Dry Lining Insulation

Just like you, your home may feel really chilly if you live somewhere in colder temperature, or somewhere where winter gets chillier that other region. For that, no solution can be more better than that of dry lining insulation. It is one of the modern techniques that keep your house warmer and welcoming. Not just that, there are many benefits that you can get to enjoy once you get this for your home, it does not matter if the building is modern or older. 

Since it gives you more benefits than that of traditional plastering techniques, it has become a very popular choice nowadays. 

Benefit of Dry Lining Insulation


  • Reduction of heat loss and bill:

Dry lining insulation helps in reducing the amount of heat loss. This method can be a great way of keeping the house 30 percent more warmer than other insulation methods. Thus it helps lessen the bill of electricity, gas, oil. As a result, it also decreases the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment. 

  • Deals with damp:

As dry lining is lighter than wet plaster, it helps in absorbing less moisture. This way, the walls will not become damp or moldy easily. 

  • Easy to install:

Dry lining insulation is also easy to install and it can be done very quickly. It speeds up the renovation or construction process of the building. Because of its lighter weight and flexibility, redecorating also becomes easier if it is needed.

  • Time and cost effective:

This method is also more cost effective than wet plastering. You can do it by yourself since dry lining does not have much technical difficulties while wet plastering needs more professional help. The great part is it can also save the labor cost even if you hire professionals. 

However, as it has been mentioned, it just takes a few days or even a few several hours to complete the job. So, the process is not only swift but also cost efficient. 

  • Suitable for all kind of buildings:

Another big benefit of dry lining insulation is that it can suit all kinds of properties. Albeit it is a modern technique, but you can use it in older buildings as well. 

  • Customizable:

Dry linings can be customized according to your needs. Plasterboards can be made more durable by adding extra fibers to it. It can also be made fireproof. 

Moreover, you will find moisture resistant plasterboards as well that can be easily used in areas where they can frequently come in contact with water, such as bathroom, kitchen etc. 

  • Availability

The materials needed for dry lining insulation are also widely available in the market. If renovation or replacement is needed, it can be done very easily. Not just that, you can also get the same panels or sheets easily that have been used in the earlier projects. 

  • Easy to repaint: 

The technique also makes the repainting job a breeze since the older paint can be removed easily by using environment friendly methods.

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